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Geography Web Links - Australia - fabulous facts and figures and downloadable sheets although you do need to subscribe to get most of the resources - but great for ideas as they have thumbnails for each one - great photo gallery by region showing both famous landmarks/ attractions as well as typical Australian scenes - a line drawing version plus background info on 3 main areas – if you click on the flag it reverts to the coloured version - UK flora emblems


Science websites – Light 

Two short video clips about shadows to stimulate discussion Some useful revision points contained within this interactive resource A video clip with lots of information about the human eye


Literacy – Journalistic Writing

 The journey of a radio news report.


Some short tips on How to make a good radio report.


An audio guide explaining how to make a one minute radio report and a report about football being banned in the park.




Homework Log Autumn Term


Autumn Term Newsletter



Channel 4 Learning

Crickweb history

BBC bitsize 

Crickweb numeracy 


War resources

Crickweb literacy


Maths resources

Science homework help

Topmarks science

Mountains homework help